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Welcome to my info page! Start right now. Forex is THE market for currencies, open 5 days a week and offering you the possibility of unbeatable, fantastic gains! Yes, you’ve found it! Take charge of your finances and reduce your risk of losses to the minimum by using the stats of our program, and my market experience!

Elliott Wave, true or false?

The statistician's approach to Financial markets' rates created by Ralph Nelson Elliott, revolves around the idea that Markets' rates change in a mechanical and cyclical fashion, which modern tools can be used to test and demonstrate... To do this has created a program making it possible to see if there is a structured change in exchange rates (see the notion of pattern), and this following several criteria:

  • Risk Reward
  • Loss Limit
  • Currency Pair
  • Duration
  • Direction
  • Session
  • Trend
  • spread

To find out more about Technical Analysis (not to be confused with Fundamental Analysis which is based upon financial information), and especially about the Elliott Wave Principle, click on the links.

Leveraging and Drawdown. Is your strategy reliable for the long term?

Leverage comes from the amount you decide to trade. It is expressed in lots. 1 lot is equal to 100,000 Units ($100,000 for example). For 1 lot, 1 pip won or lost is equal to 10 Units ($10). A mini-lot, for its part, is equal to 10,000 Units (1 pip change equals $1). In this case, if you have, for example, $1,000 on your account, your leverage will be 10 (10:1). A micro-lot, finally, is equal to 1,000 Units. As for the drawdown, which is essential to evaluating a trader or automated trading system’s performance, its value is the maximum recorded loss on your trading account. It is expressed in percentages. Along with long term performance (2 years and over), and the number of pips won, the drawdown remains your main source of information when it comes to the reliability of your trading strategy.

Spreads & platforms for trades, how do you choose?

A spread is measured in pips (or Fundamentals Units) and represents the rate that is substracted from the quotation for each Buy or Sell operation. It is of crucial importance when choosing the trading platform. And yet the most important platforms in terms of reputation and numbers of customers do not display a bad spread.

To automate, or not to automate?

With the Expert Advisor™ code, it’s possible for you to automate several tasks on Meta Trader™. However certain tasks can be performed directly from the best trading platforms as time-outs or up and down BUY/SELL limits.

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